whenever i consider posting WIPs regularly because people keep asking for them i find a WIP

and realize that they look like this. this is why i dont post them.

almost everything i do doest have a linework stage until the very end aka is a clusterfuck

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There’s always at least one flaming Jack Frost fangirl at my livestreams telling me to draw this guy, so I did! Didn’t stream this one tho, since me drawing human characters = so many desperate moments. But it sure was fun to draw! (But what’s not so funny is that I didn’t notice the mistakes until now, after all these hours. OTL …Well, at least I can see them now - I’ll do better next time!)


((attempted another style, forgive if it’s a bit sketchy but it’s 2 am man I’m too tired for this.

Sorry I haven’t been around today I’ll be hopefully more active tomorrow/later))


Unused storyboard panels.
(timing is all off, but should hopefully read clearly)



Unused storyboard panels.

(timing is all off, but should hopefully read clearly)





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Toothiana Arrives

I’ve been a bit stuck on the other Guardian’s Nightmares so I decided to do another Toothiana. This is a melding of the movie and book versions. I really enjoy both designs.

Seriously, if you have not read the books go do it! Guardians of Childhood books are really freakin’ good, I loved them more than the movie.

come in from the cold and chase the shadows out (x)

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I listened to Hele Me No Lilo then this happened.

I ended up somehow drawing Jack a bit younger here? how to be consistent? how?


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[[Done! I’m not gonna touch it any more or else I will ruin it. Haha.

This is inspired by my RP with Kid-Pitch-Black ~ (beccaaaaaaaaa<3)




To all the people who suddenly requested more of the Atlantis AU and all the people who wanted more frostbite, here you go 

I stumbled upon this amazing artists tumblr and was immediately inspired to try something of the same sort - and then I combined it with some Jack and Tooth *__* I also needed background practice (still need)  so it was fun to mix that into it as well! 

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They make the air work in their throat again. Hiss out with all of their voices and make themselves known.

“We are                   the pitch black                                   between the stars.”

More Things that Were Illustrations for you aaaaaah. Go scream at Lindz!
Wow guys, suddenly all the likes and reblogs explode … you are the best, this fandom is magic and I love to be a part of it <3 thank you for all the great support ><

ATM I am working on my final exam for my bachelor degree. I hope I will have time to do more fanart after that *buhu* I want to draw so much


Finished picture with some details :)


people were discussing MiM when i started the livestream so this came about. their ‘moon’ would be earth so that’s earth as the crescent and not the moon haha idek

full res: X


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